Postman Pat: SDS

Started at: 06:10 AM

Ben organises a surprise party for Pat, where he will be awarded a gold star for being the best postman. [...]


Started at: 06:00 AM

Double bill. DW and Arthur hurt each other's feelings when their insults get out of control, while Binky and Brain discover a key. [...]

The Mr Men Show

Started at: 06:20 AM

Mr Nosey and Mr Small team up to open a mattress warehouse. [...]

According to Jim

Started at: 06:10 AM

Cheryl is dismayed to learn that the Devlins have put in a bid for the house across the street from her and Jim. Cynthia Stevenson and Tim Bagley guest star. [...]

Bottom Knocker Street

Started at: 06:00 AM

A monster wearing a fez is loose on the streets. With Phill Jupitus, Tim Bruce, Ellie Ruiz, Connor Cheeseman, Alanna Smith and Marvin Cooke. [...]

Bob the Builder: Project Build It

Started at: 06:00 AM

Mr Sabitini gets a beautiful windmill with the help of Spud and Muck. [...]